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Eastberry Communications - is an international service provider founded by a team of professionals in the field of telecommunications with solid and extensive knowledge and experience, registered in United Kingdom in 2012.

Our Story

We are global ICT provider of a wide range of telecommunication services, including carrier-to-carrier voice, messaging, outsourcing services for retail customers, technology and ICT solutions. Since our establishment in 2012, we have managed to grow in both revenue and key business products while being able to expand our presence to important regions and acquire a significant customer portfolio. Being a successful company in the wholesale voice business with a good long-term and trustworthy reputation, Eastberry communications is keen on offering more complex and tailor-made solutions using its know-how and years of experience in outsourcing, technology and ICT services. We strive for excellence in quality of services provided to both retail and wholesale customers.


Our mission is to deliver converging international wholesale and interoperability services to existing and future communications providers worldwide.


Our vision for the future revolves around innovation. While staying competitive, we are commited to invest in infrastructure, products, and services.

We at Eastberry combine IT & telecom knowledge with the mission to offer a full suite of digital solution services designed to meet the needs of our valued clients.


We focus on the business Need, Deliver on time, Collaboarte and Never compromise Quality.

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